Agency Profile

What We Do

Simply put, we consult, plan, manage, create, design, build and maintain.

Our goal is offer turnkey products so to enable our clients to have a “one-stop shopping” experience. We have wrangled together a group of seasoned architects, designers, developers, artists and project managers focused on a providing a high level of client service that most big agencies just can’t compete with.

Education and transparency are also key differentiators between Portales and the large multi-conglomerate firms. We demand that our clients be educated on the process, project, specifications and much more. We are also very transparency-centric. We believe transparency is key for designing appropriate solutions and establishing an open line of communication between the client and our agency staff.

General Info

Our ability to pass incredible savings to our clients is dependent on our ability to remain nimble. Our designers and architects are also onsite project managers. The result? Often our staff is in the field so the best way to contact us is via email. After initial consultation is established, clients are given direct contact access with project managers.

Services Areas

Offices in San Francisco, Seattle and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

We currently have building crews in Northern California, Puget Sound area, and Los Cabos Mexico. However, we offer architecture, design and media services worldwide. Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.


To apply for a career or freelance opportunities at Portales Los Cabos, please email your resume and a brief cover letter to


Construction is a complex array of interdependent activities that some would say is at best organized chaos. The very nature of construction introduces challenges typically not encountered in other industries so when you add the unknowns of dealing with foreign entities and policies, it can be quite overwhelming to consider building abroad. Portales Los Cabos has years of experience navigating through the menucha of federal, regional and municipal regulations and procedures.

Core Beliefs

Go to Evolution Expertise


We are committed to evolving through ethical responsibility, contextualism and appropriate media.

Go to Sustainability Expertise


No longer an add-on or option, we've made sustainability a background system, like plumbing or electrical.

Go to Innovation Expertise


We believe in intertwining innovation with efficiency.

Go to Community Expertise


We strive to foster community by creating opportunities for human interaction.