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America was built on strong urban cities and community and for hundreds of years architecture was moving forward in North America. One invention seriously impacted the evolution of architecture–the automobile. The automobile enabled society to work 30 miles from where they live. Community-centric architecture design virtually ceased during the mid-20th century and suburbia represented the ice age of architecture.

Architecture is not merely national but clearly has local ties in that it is rooted in the earth.
--Alvar Aalto

Portales is dedicated to designing buildings with a soulful community focus and sustainable ideologies that the founding fathers of architecture believed in. We believe this can be achieved by:

Ethical Responsibility

Portales believes that ethical responsibility should sometimes supersede choices. For example, if a client has property in between two 3-story buildings, contextualism incorporates appropriate community responsibility considerations as well as innovation and sustainability.


Client education, as well as continuing Portales team education, is crucial to the success of each and every project. Most clients are not aware of the possibilities nor the limitations. Many clients have preconceived wish list requests, such as a rooftop veranda or marble floors. We believe it is our responsibility to consult our clients so they can make solid, educated decisions.

Process Evolution

Our process is ever-changing and the connective tissue from each progression is vital to the evolution of process. Process is crucial to efficiency and efficiency is crucial to responsibility to the client.

Team Collaboration

Communication is the key to all above philosophies. A small and nimble team definitely makes the collaboration process easier. We typically over communicate during the first few stages of a project and later create a custom communication method that works for all involved design and project management teams.