Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy land in Mexico or do I lease it?

As an individual, you lease the land from Mexico. However, if you form a Mexican corporation which is not as difficult as one might think, you may own your land outright through the corporation.

How can Portales guide me through the land acquisition process before I build my dream home?

The owners of Portales has 20 years of experience in finding and acquiring properties in Central America. If you are a “Gringo” that is searching for international property, please allow us to consult before you attempt to make a purchase. Our very small consulting fee is tiny in comparison with the hidden land mines one can incur without being properly consulted or educated on Mexican land acquisition. Portales will insure title insurance and no liens are on property. We are very experienced with the property purchasing process and we have professionals on the inside. If you would prefer to bypass the entire process, we have turn-key, loft-style condominiums for sale on the East Cape of Los Cabos. You can now own a home at Centro Vinorama Lofts on the East Cape from $99,000 and up and purchasing a developed property from Portales is a much better alternative than starting from scratch, especially if you want to spend your time enjoying your vacation home.

If I want to build on the East Cape of Los Cabos, why would I choose Centro Vinorama Lofts vs. choosing one of the hundreds available plots of land available on the East Cape?

The main reason to choose Centro Vinorama Lofts is that we’ve done all the work for you in a pristine and very intimate location. Our designers have created a unique experience near Cabo Pulmo with some of the best access to your favorite activity. Surfers, kite boarders, ATV riders and fishermen all come here to enjoy the last frontier of the Californias, and now you can be a homeowner in this remote locale with established access to utilities and resources.

Does Portales have their own construction crew and if so how does that benefit me as a potential buyer?

At Portales Los Cabos, all design and strategy is kept in-house and our construction team is part of the project from inception. Our working relationship with our construction crew is 10 years strong and this long-standing relationship greatly benefits the client by creating efficiency and reducing errors. Also, we are very cost-effective since we are capable of operating lean and mean and the seamless communication between the design, construction crew, project managers and the client enables us to conquer one of the most challenging tasks of any project– staying true to its original concept from the beginning to end.

Do you offer building services outside the Los Cabos and Playa del Carmen area?

Our services do vary slightly from region to region. We have construction crews currently available in California and Los Cabos. Our solar design and installation division can take clients and make installations in Northwest, West Coast, Southwest and the Baja. Our architecture and design services are offered in North and South America.

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