The Portales Team

Our team consists of architects, designers, developers, CAD specialists, artists, alternative energy engineers, multimedia and web designers. All are seasoned craftsmen in their field and focused on seamless integration of ideas to every project that empowers our clients to be truly successful.

Tobias Hafenecker-Dodge

Tobias Hafenecker-Dodge

Chief Designer / Principal

Tobias is passionate about merging the art of architecture with the vibrancy of human interaction. He believes that buildings are meant to nurture community. He also believes that we don't work, live or design in a vacuum, and what excites him the most is the sharing of information among disciplines. To him, architecture is a fusion of art, engineering, psychology, geology and sociology. It's great minds coming together to solve problems and build solutions in a way that no technology could ever improve upon. As the son of true 1970s San Fransisco counterculture parents, Tobias learned how to live a sustainable life from an early age and honors his parent's teachings by designing structures that respect the earth and embrace humanity.

Tobias has a bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Oregon. His experience includes city planning, consulting, design, community development, event planning and construction.

Jamey Toombs

Jamey Toombs

Project Manager / Creative Director

Jamey brings creativity to everything—including accounting and his golf score. His fingerprints are all over the organization—from operations to our website, from client relations to brainstorming. Jamey is a builder and improver. More than an idea man, he’s a get-it-done man. He’s always thinking about how to do business smarter, and save money. He's also a master of of user experience. Off the clock, Jamey enjoys golfing and drinking scotch. Sometimes simultaneously. He is an avid fisherman, loves the band Ben Folds, and is a pretty good carpenter.

Jamey has a BA in journalism and communications from the University of Oregon and a BS in psychology from the University of Mississippi.

Bruno Lojero

Lead Architect

Jorge Zavala

Architect / Drafting

Alan Hermosillo

Graphic Artist/Illustrator

Juvencio Morales

Lead Contractor

Bree Smith


Stephanie Dodge


Kristy Phillips


Cris Orozco